Since Edo period, Yushima Tenjin (Yushima Tenmangu Shrine) is well known as “ume no meisho” (“plum plaza”, or a popular spot to watch plum blossom). The ume matsuri or the plum festival was first held in 1964, and reaches its 60 anniversary this year. The festival is keep being held every year and becomes popular seasonal tradition.



Main events: (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

  • mikoshitogyo (float parade)
  • nodate (open air tea ceremony)
  • karaoke competition
  • entertainment: yushima tenjin white plum taiko, ohayashi, japanese dance, kappore dance, shamisen, kodansha, rakugo, belly dancing and many more
  • satsuma biwa 
  • flower exhibition
  • goods exhibition from Aomori, Noto Town of Ishikawa, Fukushima, and Kami Amakusa City of Kumamoto

Light up: (every evening at 7.30 PM)

Date and Time: Feb 8 (Wed) – March 8 (Wed) 2017
Place: Yushima Tenjin
Price: free entrance
Inquiries: TEL:03-3836-0753

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