Japanese schools start in early April, it is obviously the busiest month for both parents and children. We will help you to understand the cultures of Japanese school and help you to adjust with it. There are numerous unfamiliar items to prepare and piles of documents to submit.  But don’t worry, you will survive!

Our first article will help you to understand the culture of Japanese entrance ceremony.

What to wear?

Japanese dads will likely wear a dark suit and Japanese moms will go for kimono or skirts or dresses. The Nyuugaku shiki (entrance ceremony) dress for moms and kids can be bought at online stores and famous Japanese department stores. The entrance ceremony is a special time for mothers to express themselves so they will dress beautifully. If you want to follow their dress code then you will need to prepare the following stuff,

For Father,

Suits will do. Just choose one of your best office suits. Remember to wear appropriate colors such as dark navy, gray or black suits.

For Mother,


via Aeon Store

  1. Dress and Jacket or Blouse, Skirt and Jacket (beige, white, black, blue navy, or gray colors)
  2. Clutch or Small Bag
  3. High heels or flat shoes
  4. Flower brooch (optional)
  5. Pearl necklace (optional)
  6. Pretty indoor shoes and its bag
  7. A pretty fold-able bag to bring back all documents given at the entrance ceremony.

Of course you can wear your national costume at the entrance ceremony. It is totally up to you, but if you don’t want to stand out, we advise you to follow the Japanese dress code.



via Aeon Store

via Aeon Store

For Girl,

As for your kids, it is better to follow Japanese dress code so they will not look ‘different’ from other children. Please remember the proportion of foreign student in Japanese schools is relatively low so it is better to follow Japanese manners from the very start.

A jacket, blouse and skirt will go for girl’s entrance ceremony dress. Don’t wear too colorful dresses, it is better to wear navy blue, white or black dresses. You can buy the clothing set in many department stores.

via Aeon Store

For Boy,

As for boy, a collared shirt, sweater, knitted vest and jacket will go for the entrance ceremony. You can find the suit set at many stores.

via Aeon Store

What about children’s shoes?

Well, if you can’t afford formal shoes then your kids can wear sneakers. There are a lot of Japanese children wearing sneakers during the entrance ceremony. If you want to save money, then just wear sneakers.

Or Aeon Store opens the rental formal clothes for entrance ceremony. Why don’t you just visit the store and find your favorite one!


Hope this article helps you!

Enjoy the entrance ceremony!

*Aeon is one of the largest department store chains in Japan. You can find more information about the dresses for entrance ceremony here https://shops.aeonsquare.net/shop/c/c175088/

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