Have you ever been to onsen (hot spring) and feeling uncomfortable of being naked in the presence of strangers?

Do you know that some hot spring facilities also have private onsen, so you and your family can dip in an onsen without being stared by other strangers?

Here is our TOP-three affordable family onsen recommendation near Tokyo.

  1. Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan, Gunma

Situated three hours from Tokyo, this family onsen offers various room type where visitors can dip in while enjoying the outdoor scenery.

The first room is TSUKI no Yu. It is a type of private onsen where you can enjoy a moonlight at night.


via kashiwaya.org

SAKURA no YU – this type of private onsen offers cherry blossom trees view.


via kashiwaya.org

KAEDE no YU- it is a private onsen with maple trees view.

via kashiwaya.org

KAME type room- this open air bath is situated in-room. With a river viewing terrace, you can have a relaxing soak on your own.


via kashiwaya.org

HANA type room- this onsen is also situated in-door. You can soak anytime!


via kashiwaya.org

For rates, check here http://kashiwaya.org/e/booking/payment.htm


2. Shima Yamaguchikan, Gunma

via Japanican.com

Situated around 3 hours from Tokyo, this onsen facility also offers private onsen for couple and family.

This onsen is quite affordable for those who have limited holiday budget.

Check rates in the following link http://www.japanican.com/en/hotel/detail/3232006/?ref=MAIDOJ


3. Yumoto Chobokaku Yuimakura, Niigata

This onsen is situated around 85 minutes by shinkansen from Tokyo.

You can enjoy the view of Mount Mitani from this facility. All rooms are included in-door private baths that you can enjoy with your family.

via Japanican.com

Check the rates here http://www.japanican.com/en/hotel/detail/3142023/?ref=MAIDOJ2&hp=p1&prfrom=&prto=#tabContainer01

Enjoy Japan!

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