Issei (or Issey) Takahashi stole many female viewers’ heart this Christmas after starring in a Fuji TV’s Christmas special dorama “Watashi ni Unmei no Koi Nante Arienaitte Omotteta” with Mikako Tabe. Tall, ikemen (handsome) with deep sexy voice, the 36 years old is among some actors who made a breakthrough this year. So how much do you know about him? Check out some of this fun facts.

  1. His BFF is Okada Junichi. They were classmates in Horikoshi Gakuen. They are still close until now, and they went mountain climbing together. In an interview, Okada even called him “my mountaineering sensei”. They appeared together for the first time in Okada’s taiga drama “Gunshi Kanbei”.
  2. He only eats once a day. In a cooking show “Chubaw desuyo”, Takahashi confessed that he only eats once a day for this past 10 years. Usually he won’t eat anything since morning and have his meal around evening.  He loves to eat steamed vegetables at home and rarely eat outside.
  3. He makes his own jam. Since he loves pancakes, Takahashi also loves to make his own strawberry jam. His other favorite meal is his mother’s homemade braised chicken and eggplant.
  4. He’s a dog person. Having a dog since 2015, the actor said that dog’s behaviors that sometimes imitates human amazed him. He also said that he sleeps with his dogs every night.
  5. He loves poem. His favorite poets and novelists are Muro Saisei and Motojiro Kajii.  “I really love Muro Saisei’s ‘Lemon’ and Motojiro Kajii’s ‘Jojo Shokyokushu’ (Short Lyrical Songs),” he confessed.  “And I’ll read the same book over and over again.”

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