At the beginning, I was quite nervous because my Japanese ability was very limited. It was quite hard for me to communicate with the other Japanese staffs, elderly patients and their families due to my limited Japanese. Now, I am mastering more vocabularies but unfortunately I rarely talk in the office because some native staffs don’t respond to me properly anymore. Maybe they can’t understand my Japanese (LOL). But I don’t really think this is a problem- as long as I can do my work and achieve everyday’s target, I don’t really mind it.

Now my most concern is related to the food and opportunities to practice my religion at the office. I am a muslim so I need to pray five times per day and do the friday prayer. Even though there are many muslims in my office but the management haven’t provided a proper praying room for us. We always pray inside the bathroom or in the public room. When I pray, sometimes some staffs just walk in front of me. It will be great if we have a proper praying room where we can do our pray quietly.  Now, I don’t have any choice… I hope they can accommodate our needs too.

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