Spring is the season of new beginning, new life, and new adventures. In spring, you might as well encounter many new experiences and people, including new senpai (senior) and kouhai (junior) at school or workplace. Lately, Oricon Style has conducted a survey to reveals people’s choice of celebrities who seems to be a ‘perfect kouhai/junior’. This survey was held among 1,000 participants from all over Japan since February to March. And here are the result!




1.Shohei Otani (baseball pitcher, outfielder, and designated hitter, currently plays for Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters). Reasons: “The way he plays seriously will motivate other co-players/workers really well” (male, 40s/Nagano), “He’s a steady player, and always give a perfect ‘answer'” (male, 30s/Fukuoka)


2.Masaki Suga (actor, famous for Death Note: Light Up the New World, Oboreru Knife, and many more). Reasons: “He seems always happy to work, and just watching him seems like fun,” (female, 30s/Aichi), “He has a positive attitude and interesting personality, Seeing him working, making me feel motivated as well.” (male, 50s/Hyogo)


3.Ryunosuke Kamiki (actor, famous for The Kirishima Thing, Sangatsu no Lion, and many more). Reasons: “He’s cute and makes me want to teach him (about work) politely.” (male, 30s/Nara), “He looks like he’ll do the job diligently, and just being there I think he can makes me feel at ease,” (female, 40s/Tokyo)

Male ranking from 4-10: Sota Fukushi, Yuzuru Hanyu, Kenzo Shirai, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Ryo Kato, Ryouma Takeuchi, Taishi Nakagawa



1.Tao Tsuchiya (actress, famous for Mare, Orange, and many more) Reasons: “I like her since I saw her best effort on a marathon show. She didn’t complaint at all! Good girl!” (female, 50s/Nagano), “I saw her blog and she always sounds enthusiastic and smart. I think she’s flawless.” (male, 40s/Hokkaido)


2.Ruriko Kojima (gravure idol, talento, and main caster in a sport news show). Reasons: “She’s a fast thinker, and take order/explanation quickly and turn it into fighting force.” (male, 40s/Tokyo), “She’s always smiling and have guts. Chatting and having a drinking party with her seems like fun!” (female, 50s/Aichi)


3.Yui Okada (model, regular cast and MC of variety shows). Reasons: “She’s cute and unexpectedly can do some oyaji gags on television. She’s funny.” (male, 50s/Chiba). “She’s interesting, cute, and seems like she’ll do her job lively.” (female, 30s/Osaka)

Female ranking from 4-10: Rino Sashihara, Yuzu Hirose, Aya Yamamoto, Haruna Kawaguchi, Fumi Nikaido. Sara Takahashi, Emi Takei

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