My post graduate study was paid by Japanese scholarship. But after finishing my master degree, I could not extend it anymore. So I had to find other financial support to fund my PhD.  I started to work part time from 9 am to 3 pm every Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. It was pretty tough because I could not speak much Japanese and  I had very little time to do my own research. I had to manage my time and divide my concentration- it was not easy at all!

When I was in the lowest low- I tried to help more people because I believe that God will help people who help others. God answered my prayer- I got my PhD and after that I got an opportunity to do a post doctoral work in Switzerland. Of course, I am so happy and grateful now but sometimes I miss Japan. I always miss its hospitality culture and  urban cleanliness. Japanese cities are well looked after and I do miss those sceneries.


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