We bet you are already familiar with Japanese 100 yen shops.

Japanese 100 yen shops like daiso, seria, can do are like miracles: they help foreigners survive the winter without breaking the bank.

Back then, warm items for winter were quite expensive. But now everything is so affordable. Just go to your nearest 100 yen shops and make yourself warm!

Shopping checklist:

  1. Earmuff
  2. A pair of wool gloves (If you often check your smartphone, you can buy the gloves that allow you to use your touchscreen)img_3591
  3. Muffler
  4. Neck warmer
  5. Knit Hat
  6. Socksimg_3587
  7. Tights for layering
  8. Hot water bottle and its cover
  9. Fur pillow cover
  10. Warm indoor slipper
  11. Donabe (Cooking pot for making nabe)img_3635
  12. Instant Soup (Miso soup, nabe soup, clear soup/osuimono)img_3633

Isn’t it cool? You will get warmer with less than 2000 yen.

Visit your nearby 100 yen shops and make sure you stay warm this winter.


Hope this helps!

Enjoy your stay in Japan!


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