Futon is a padded unsprung mattress originating in Japan, that can be rolled up or folded in two. It is very popular in  Japan because of its economical and cultural value.  Futon consists of two parts which is shikibuton (the mattress) and kakebuton (the blanket). If you plan to buy the cover for your futon, make sure you buy the correct cover for each futon.

Remember the following kanji

敷布団カバ Shikifuton Kaba   Cover for Mattress

掛け布団カバ Kakebuton Kaba  Cover for Blanket


If you plan to buy futon or already have a futon at home, you need to know the do’s and don’ts of futon caring.


      1. Air out your futon whenever possible, at least once per week.
      2. It is best to air out your futon between 10am to 15pm,  air out the mattress for four hours and blanket for two hours.
      3. Air out your futon with the cover.
      4. After airing out, clean your futon gently with your hands.
      5. Wash the cover at least once per week.
      6. If possible buy futon and cover with anti-dust mites materials. Find some futon that has this kanji 防ダニ. You can buy those futon in the following link for only 6480 yen.

7. Keep your tatami floor clean. Use vacuum cleaner to remove the dust mites.

8. If possible, steam iron your futon and its cover to kill the dust mites. If you have hot carpet, you can remove the dust mites by laying the futon on the top of hot carpet.

9. If your room has no direct sunlight, clean your futon using futon dryer (you can buy the dryer machine in the following link)


  1. Fold immediately after you wake up as it will confine moisture and also cause dust mites and molds.
  2. Fold your futon if you don’t have time to air out or you go for a whole day. It is better to lay the futon than to fold it.
  3. Beat your futon with the futon tataki because it will tear the fabric, materials and the feathers. Beating your futon won’t clean up the mites and dusts.
  4. Air out your futon too long during summer time as it will reduce the moisture content.


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