Are you a ramen lover? If you love to have lighter but rich in umami-type savoury flavor soup, you have to try Chicken Paitan Ramen at tori soba juuban nichi koro. Situated in Machida area, this ramen shop boosts its noodle’s soup with chicken bone broth. There are a number of chicken broth based menu such as tori paitan ramen, tori paitan aosa ramen and special tori paitan ramen. Other than chicken, they also offer pork based menu such as tsukemen and gyoza. If you love coriander leaves, you can also try their ‘pakuchi’ ramen menu.

We tried the tori paitan ramen and aosa ramen, both ramen soups left us breathless. The soups were thick, delicious and tangy! The noodles had just the right amount of bite, the prices were affordable and the shop has a lovely ambience.

Access: 1 minutes from Odakyu Machida

Address: Tokyo-to, Machida-shi, Haramachida, 6-17-3, Tomita Biru 1F



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