The popular Japanese pop duo CHEMISTRY is back after a 5 years recording hiatus. The happy news was announced via their official twitter account on December 7. As a sign of a comeback, CHEMISTRY also announced that they will hold two concerts in February 28 and March 1 at Tokyo International Forum.

CHEMISTRY, consists of members Yoshikuni Douchin and Kaname Kawabata is famous for their powerful vocals and beautiful harmonization. Their debut single on 2001, Pieces of A Dream sold more than 2 million copies, and almost all of their singles reached no. 1 position on Oricon chart. But after gaining major success for more than a decade, they went into indefinite hiatus on 2012. The reason was because they want to improve their music skill by pursuing solo careers. Yoshikuni chose to start a new career by releasing rock albums, while Kawabata has released dance and up tempo music singles and appeared as a regular on a music variety show.

And now, as a part of their 15th anniversary celebration, CHEMISTRY is ready to come back on the music scene.  Alongside with the announcement, their official twitter also posted some dorky pictures of their latest photoshoot and Yoshikuni’s belated birthday party, with Kaname giving him a surprise cake and flower bouquet. As another surprise, music producer Kiyoshi Matsuo who once produced their debut and many other singles tweeted a picture of the three of them together with a caption: “Restarting CHEMISTRY. Pep Rally.”, and put a “Still no.1” hashtag.


Okaerinasai (welcome back), CHEMISTRY!

Image credit: CHEMISTRY’s official twitter account: @CHEMISTRY_2011, and Kiyoshi Matsuo’s official twitter account: @kiyoshimatsuo

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