Can’t stand this winter and need something to warm you up?

Let’s buy some hot beverages from your nearby vending machine.

It is very simple and affordable!

Just make sure that you press the right button!

You have to find the beverages with the following character, あったか~い(it means warm) or those with red indicator.


Step 1: Insert your money (Vending machines only accept JPY 1000 notes, JPY 10, 50, 100, 500 coins)


Press the button (Hot beverages are those with this character :あったか~い)


3. Get your drink from the bottom of the machine

4. Don’t forget about your change (if any), if the change does not come out automatically, find the lever with the following characters おつり.

5. Enjoy your hot beverages!


Hope this helps!
Enjoy your stay in Japan!









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