During my first year here, I think Japan was really a flawless country. But parenting have changed my opinion about Japan. It is a tough country to live in! Having  a child while working as a nurse with irregular shifts were not easy! I had to save some energies so I could clean my apartment and do the house chores. Many times I wanted to rely on my husband but you know that you can’t expect that much. Of course, he helped me a lot such as taking care the kid while I was in my night shift but I could not expect him to cook the foods, fold the laundries or clean the apartments in a proper way.

I wish I could have some affordable helper services so I could relax a bit after working long hours in the day care facility. Our wages are not that much, so we can’t pay any helper. Now I have two kids and currently, I am taking my maternity leave. In the future, I hope I can balance my family life and nursing career. I hope we can increase our family income since there are more mouths to feed. My husband can’t work more than 28 hours per week so I can’t expect more money from his working place. I hope we can find a way someday.

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