The second Monday of January is a Japanese holiday called 成人の日 (read: Seijin no Hi, or Coming of Age Day). It is a celebration to congratulate the young generations of Japan, particularly for those who have reached the age of majority (20 years old). The ceremonies are usually held at the local city offices throughout Japan, where the young adults are invited to attend.  The young women, especially celebrate the day by wearing pretty furisode or kimono with long sleeve, while the young men wear dark coloured hakama. (source). 

This year, some young celebrities has officially become adult in Japan, including popular actor Mackenyu, Nijiro Murakami, Hiroshi Asahina,  Mahiro Takasugi, actress Kyoko Yoshine, Miyu Yoshimoto, Yuna Kuroshima, singer idol Ayaka Sasaki, Karen Fujii, and many more. Some of these young celebrities shared their important day on social media, let’s take a little look!

Nagisa Shibuya from NMB48 shared a ceremonial picture with her fellow members:


Fuko Yagura, also from NMB48 shared a cute picture with an arrow:

昨日たくさん写真撮りました✌︎ #成人式 #振り袖

A post shared by 矢倉楓子🐰 (@fufu_ice) on


Seventeen Model Sachi Fujii thanked her stylist and hairdresser in an elegant picture:

Hair by @allys_waji 着付け by @haruca_allys Thank you!💕🌟 #成人式

A post shared by 藤井 サチ (Sachi Fujii) (@sachi_fujii_official) on


Seventeen model Manami Enosawa looks delighted to become an adult:


A post shared by 江野沢愛美 (@enosawa_manami) on


Young actress Nanami Abe posted this picture and said that she is really grateful for the supports everyone gave her. It was raining so she took the picture indoor:

(image credit of Mackenyu picture:

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