Yosuke Eguchi (49) is going to hold a live concert titled “YOSUKE EGUCHI LIVE: REBOOT SPRING 2017” in Shimokitazawa GARDEN, on April 14. It is also revealed that he’s going to release a new song. “I would like to have a fun and exciting show with everyone who comes. I will also sing my new song, so please don’t miss it,” said Eguchi.

The actor, who also well known abroad after appearing in classic dorama Tokyo Love Story (1991), has been constantly making a live performance at the same venue on October last year and January this year. His show is considerably successful, with many fans gathered to experience his musical skills. You can get the ticket in advance on www.eplus.jp on February 17, and they will be on sale in March 11.

Date and time: April 14th, at 6:30 pm
Venue: Shimokitazawa GARDEN
Price: 5000 yen (advance), 5500 yen (on day). All seats are free, extra drink fee is 600 yen
Band members: Yosuke Eguchi with KATAMALI Kenta Harada/Shōtarō Mitsuzono/Eiji Mitsuzono) & Keiichi Miyako

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