I was so nervous during my first business trip to Japan. Even though I have received some information about the arrival procedures for Narita Airport, but I was really nervous and I just followed people wherever they go. Later, I found out that those people were queuing for toilet… so I laughed at myself! After passing the immigration, I tried to find a limousine bus stop for Ebisu. It was really cold outside (maybe for Japanese, it was not that cold!). Despite all problems, I was so proud of myself! I could travel on my own to Japan!

However, most of the time I felt so lonely because there were no other Indonesians at the office. But after challenging myself to travel alone to Nagoya, Ise Jingu in Mie, Toba.. now, I always want to go back to Japan. When I was in Japan, i felt healthier, my skin was glowing and I gained a weight. I do miss the Japanese public transportation! They are clean and easy to use! I will definitely go back to Japan.


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