It is golden week and it is absolutely a family time! As the weather is getting warmer, time for family vacation is here. We listed five affordable destinations in Kanto area for a family vacation during this golden week.Let’s enjoy the long holiday without spending much money.

  1. Nogeyama Zoological Garden

Situated around 15 minutes on foot from Sakuragicho Station, this zoo will cost you nothing! The admission fee is free so you can save your money! Even though the zoo is relatively small but it has about 100 different species of animals including the most famous Red Pandas. It is definitely a great place to visit during your golden week! There is a park nearby so you can enjoy the open and green spaces after a long walk. You can save more money by bringing your own lunch box and snacks. What an affordable golden week vacation!

Nearest station : JR Sakuragicho


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  1. Itabashi Children Zoo (Itabashi Kodomo Doubutsuen)

Your kids love small animals? Then Itabashi Children Zoo is the great place for your family. The admission fee is also free! The zoo has a number of small animals like marmots, rabbits, pony horses, sheep, and goats. The kids can touch and play with those small and cute animals. The zoo also has flamingo birds.  It is a great opportunity for the kids to learn about many animals during the golden week. The pony rides are available every Sunday.


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Nearest station : Toei Mita Line, Itabashikuyakusho mae

  1. Arakawa Yuenchi

Have not enough money to entertain your kid in an amusement park? Don’t worry! We found an affordable amusement park to enjoy during this golden week! With only 200 yen per person, you can enter the park and just pay for what you want to ride. The park also offers a special package for one adult and one child! With 1400 yen, you get a pair of entrance tickets (1 adult, 1 child) and 16 tickets to ride attractions.


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Nearest station : Toden Arakawa Line, Arakawayuenchimae


  1. Makigahara Chibikko Land

Another haven for animal-lovers! The entrance fee to this park is free and your kids can enjoy touching many small animals.  It has marmots, rabbits, birds, Japanese bantam and other kind of birds. The zoo is situated quite far from the station but once you get there, there are many things that you can do. The park is situated very close with the other children’s parks. Kids can enjoy playing with natural elements while adults can enjoy looking at various flowers and plantation. Everything is free so you can really save money during this golden week.


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Nearest station : 10 minutes by bus (Heading toward Higashi Totsuka) from Sotetsu Line, Futamatagawa . Get off at Makigahara Chuo.

  1. Odawara Kodomo Yuenchi

Planning to enjoy Odawara Castle? Don’t forget to visit the amusement park for children in the nearby complex.  The ride fee for each attraction is unbelievably cheap! Well, there are many old-fashioned play equipment but they are still in good condition. With 30 yen per ride, you can save a lot of money to entertain your kids.

Odawara Kodomo Yuenchi

Nearest station : Tokaido Line, Odawara

Enjoy your golden week!

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