If you are a handbag lover and want to enrich your collection, we have filtered down from dozens out there to five most promising Japanese brands you should buy.


Everywhere you go, you will see people wearing Anello. The bag is gaining popularity in Japan, especially among college students and young mothers. This functional backpack is available in a variety of colors and materials. The prices are very affordable and the bags can serve as excellent laptop bag or even diaper bag.

A (配色カラー)

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Russet bag is being developed by one company in Osaka area. This bag is gaining popularity among mid-age woman. The brand offers exclusive image and it gradually impresses those who love monochrome handbags but are tired with Coach or LV’s style. Recently, Russet is trying to penetrate to the young people’s market. The designs are fresher and look more chic than before.

russet デルタ航空×ラシット ショルダーバッグ

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Three things to define Samantha Vega are reasonable prices, cute designs and the lovely colors! If you love Kate Spade, you probably love Samantha Vega! The bags are very popular among woman in their early twenties. They often collaborate with many popular cartoon character such as Sailormoon and Hello Kitty.

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Samantha Thavasa offers more expensive price than the other Samantha’s accessory line such as Samantha Vega. It targets woman in their mid-twenties and early thirties. Most bags can be carried to work as they are quite simple and elegant. But the brand also offers some bags for simpler activities such as for woman’s day out or date.

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Simple and affordable! The handbags from Afternoon Tea are quite sturdy and have good qualities. It greats for your travel or weekend activities. Some bags are fold-able and it can be used for an everyday bag. You can find these bags at major department stores in Japan.

Afternoon Tea(アフタヌーンティー)の「EJ59 コスメ柄ポケットコンパクトバッグ(エコバッグ)」|詳細画像

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