Adapted from a manga in Kodansha’s Weekly Morning Magazine, Thunderbolt Fantasy is a glove puppetry television series produced as a collaboration between Japanese and Taiwanese companies.  When you are tired of the current state of Japanese drama or other anime series that are too much focused on teenagers’ love, school life settings, and romantic love story, you should try to watch this puppetry TV series!


Source: Thunderbolt Fantasy Official Facebook Page

It offers not only amazing artworks but also interesting stories. However, Thunderbolt Fantasy is not appropriate for kids because there are so many bloody and intense fighting scenes. The show tells a story about a quest to retrieve a legendary sword that was stolen by a cold blooded killer named Mie Tian Hai. Dan Fei, a girl who is protecting the sword’s crossguard wanted to take a revenge for her brother’s death. She met a mysterious swordsman, Shang Bu Huan, who has very little knowledge about local situation. They got tagged along to the quest by Enigmatic Gale, a mysterious wanderer and teamed up with an archer, a spear wielder, a demon necromancer and a famous assassin.



This mature animation series is full of surprise and very exciting. The plot is quite unpredictable and it also offers some funny scenes.

There are many things that you will  not find in the traditional anime. Somewhat, it looks like Final Fantasy series but of course it is not. The costume designs are amazing and carefully designed. Some puppets look absolutely stunning and well, if they were real- would they be as hawt as their anime versions?



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