In Japan, parents are often invited to come and observe their kids’ behavior at school. It is a great opportunity for parents to see the homeroom teacher’s teaching method and of course to evaluate children’s ability to learn at school. This event is called jugyou sankan in Japan.This activity is usually followed by gakkyuu kondakai or parent-teacher consultation meeting. Don’t speak Japanese? You can bring your own interpreter (if you can’t find someone nearby, check out our database!). But before experiencing your first jugyou sankan and gakyuu kondakai, let us share some useful information related to jugyou sankan in Japan.

Q1. What is jugyou sankan?

It is the day where you can come to school and observe your child’s behavior and school’s learning environment.


Q2. What should I bring?

Name tag, room slippers, plastic bag (for your shoes) and a bag (for keeping the flyers and notification letters from school).

Q3. What should I wear?

If you will come directly from your office, you can wear your office attires. If you are a stay at home mum or dad, or perhaps a part timer, you can wear casual clothes.

However, it is better to stick to the conventional style such as wearing soft make up and soft colored clothes. Try to avoid low cut tops and lots of jewelries. Remember that you are there to observe your kids and not to show off your fashion.

Q4. What should I do?

Observe quietly from the back of outside of the classroom. Avoid chatting with other mothers during jugyou sankan.

Q5. What is gakkyuu kondakai?

It is the day where teacher greets all parents and deliver more information about the upcoming schedule and other activities.



Q6. Can I skip gakkyuu kondakai?

Yes you can. However, make sure that you inform your absence in advance. You will receive separate notification letters from the teacher.

Q7. Can I skip the jugyou sankan?

Yes you can. But please keep in mind that it can affects your child’s psychology. If you can’t come, please ask someone on your behalf to attend it for example your spouse or your relatives.

Q8. Can I attend jugyou sankan with my spouse?

Yes you can. If you plan to bring other family members, consult it first.

Q9. Can I bring my younger kids to the jugyou sankan?

Sure!  If you can entertain your younger one and make sure he/she will keep silent during the jugyou sankan, you can always bring your younger one to the classroom. You can also ask someone to take care of them during the jugyou sankan.

Q10. Can I take some pictures or videos during the jugyou sankan?

Some schools restrict this due to other parents’ privacy concern. Please check this policy with your child’s school. Don’t post other children’s pictures in your social media account without their parents’ consent. If you want to post your child’s face, cover the other children’s faces with stickers!

Have a great experience everyone!

Enjoy Japan!

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