It’s strawberry season already! If you have a sweet tooth, then you might want to check out the latest strawberry cakes/sweets/dessert from the nearest convenience stores/konbini. Oishisou! (“It looks delicious!”)


“Ichigo no Mont Blanc” from Lawson (except for some stores), on sale since March 7, ¬†is a cake with strawberry cream, strawberry jelly, milk mousse and a slice of Mouikko Ichigo strawberry from Miyagi perfecture. Price is 295 yen (tax included).


“Ichigo Sando” or strawbery sandwich from Ministop, also released in March 7 and on sale for only two weeks. It’s a simple, fresh fruit sandwisch with whipped cream and custard-flavor cream, with 4 large strawberries. Price is 330 yen (tax included).


“Ichigo Daifuku (amazake an)”¬†another one from Lawson (except for some stores), was already on sale since February 28. This is a strawberry wrapped in a Japanese styled mochi. This amazake an mochi doesn’t contain any alcohol. Price is only 165 yen (tax included)

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