Are you addicted to books?

If you want to read many books then fall asleep without being guilty then you should visit Book and Bed Hostel in Tokyo. The hostel offers a bookstore themed accommodation where visitors can stay with a very affordable price. As for standard room, the rate is around JPY 4.800 per night and for compact room, the rate is around JPY 3.800 per night. The price will be higher during weekend, make sure you check the rate on their website.

Courtesy of Book and Bed Tokyo

The check-in time starts from 4pm and the check-out time is until 11am. You can also visit this hostel during day time- you will need to pay JPY 500 per hour or JPY 1500 for a free time package. However, during day time- there will be no bed available.

Book and Bed Cafe has Tokyo has more than 1.700 books and if you can’t read Japanese- you need not to worry because they have so many English books! They have English speaking staffs to help foreign visitors, so absolutely this hostel is a perfect place for your contemplation!


Courtesy of Book and Bed Tokyo

You can also find this hostel at Kyoto.

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