Let’s see how Japanese celebrities celebrated Christmas this year by checking out their Instagram (note: click their name to see their official accounts)


Beautiful Christmas tree at former Morning Musume member Miki Fujimoto‘s home.


Apparently Santa really came to model Emi Suzuki‘s house this year!


A “macho Santa” gave actress Riisa Naka a Stella McCartney shoes. Love that pink Christmas tree though!


Actress Yuka Itaya posted a cute picture of her son’s letter to Santa. He thanked Santa for the toys gift and gave him chocolate and milk in return, aww!


Simple dinner party at Yukina Kinoshita‘s home with margherita pizza, chicken wing teriyaki, lemon pepper chicken, omurice, and broccolli salada.


Another mouthwatering Christmas fest at model Yuu Yamada and his actor husband Shun Oguri’s home. This might also a celebration for Shun’s birthday on December 26th.


A snowman made from sand? Why not? Model Hinano Yoshikawa celebrated Christmas with her family in Hawaii.


Singer Beni‘s Christmas dinner with Rola and their friends.


Actress (left to right) Yuko Oshima, Yuriko Yoshitaka and Nana Eikura from dorama Tokyo Tarareba Girl exchanged Christmas gifts.


The casts of Hirunaka no Ryusei movie (Mei Nagano, Shohei Miura, Aran Shirahama and other) tossed a Christmas party together.


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