Sausage is one of the most popular menus for Japanese lunch (bento) box. Children will love to have it in their bento box. Japanese tend to choose pork based sausage in their daily lunch menu, however in the recent years, some people prefer to have fish based sausage. Odawara town, the gate way of Hakone onsen area, is currently promoting seasage and seafrank- local variants of the Japanese sausage and frank. These products contain no meats, the makers only use fish and its derivatives to make the seasage and seafrank. Customers can choose those with plain flavor, herb flavor and chilli flavor. As for the sea frank- there are three types-black sausage (squid), shrimp sausage and scallop sausage.

Realizing that many children love to have sausage in their bento- the makers created healthier sausage variants for the children. They use pumpkin, spinach and red bell pepper to color and enrich the taste of the sausage. If you happen to visit Odawara, you should buy these sausages! They are really delicious, yet addictive!

You can also order it from us. Shipping days: 10 to 14 days. We will add handling service : 100 yen per item

シーセージ プレーン

Plain JPY 500

シーセージ ハーブ

Herb JPY 500

シーセージ チリ

Chilli JPY 500


シーフランク イカ

Seafrank (squid ink)

JPY 700


シーフランク エビ

Seafrank (Shrimp)

JPY 700

シーフランク ホタテ

Seafrank (Scallop)

JPY 700


Veggies & Fish Sausage

JPY 350


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