Spring is the time where Japanese children start their school! There are so many things to prepare and as a foreigner, you may have the difficulty to understand the school culture in Japan. Here we share three items you should have at your home.

Permanent Name Marker (おなまえマッキー)

YYSS7-BK おなまえマッキー細字 ゼブラ 76116871

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Japanese loves to write everything in their belongings- so make sure you have this pen to name all of your children’s belongings.


Utamaro Soap (ウタマロ石鹸)

ウタマロ石けん 東邦

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Japanese school requires children to wear indoor shoes (uwabaki), you will need to clean this indoor shoes every week and it will be difficult to clean the dirt with ordinary soap. Utamaro soap will help you to keep the uwabaki clean and white.


Zekken Sticker (ゼッケンシール)

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As mentioned above, Japanese loves to write their names in every items they have. You will also need to this zekken sticker to name your child’s swimming wears, sports uniform, and all kind of getsuyousetto  (weekly set ) bag. There are two types of sticker- the strecth and non-stretch one. You can also choose whether you want to have the ironable or non-ironable sticker.

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