I am working as a researcher at Japanese research institution. What concerns me and my husband the most is the nature of our working situation. Our job is not permanent, so we will always need to renew our contract every one, three or five years. So we always have a tension about this. We need to stay in office from 9 am to 6 pm. If we consider commuting time, it means we have to leave home from 8am to 7pm. Yes, this means that we have very little time for our kids and family.

It is very difficult to manage a daycare. If we are lucky, we can get. But my most concern is when my child is sick, although there are some days paid leave for full time worker but if I take it frequently, it will affect the office situation. During this time, we always feel very hopeless. As our job is yearly basis contract, even we can’t think to have another child. We feel uncertain whether my contract will be extended if I get pregnant and take my maternity leave. I hope to get permanent job so I can take proper care of our family.

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