For Japanese, a name is considered the first gift for a human being. A name is carefully chosen after combining some kanji with specific yomikata (reading of a kanji character), meaning, and filled with many hopes and prayers for the newborn baby. Here’s the list of popular baby girl names in Japan this year.

  1. 心桜

Ways of reading: Kokoro, Koharu, Kokoa, Shio, Shion, etc. Consists of “kokoro” (hearts) and “sakura” (cherry blossom) kanji, this is actually last year’s no. 2 popular name. Meaning: a girl who has a heart as big as a cherry blossom tree, or a kind girl who is loved just like a cherry blossom tree.

Ways of reading: Aoi, Sora, Himawari, etc. Originally means sunflower in Chinese character. Meaning: a girl who shines bright like a sunflower. This name can also be read as: Mamoru, means a girl who grows up while being protected by her loved ones.

  1. 心陽

Ways of reading: Koharu, Miharu, Kokoya, Konoha. Consists of a “heart” and a “bright” kanji. Meaning: a girl with a heart like a sun, making everyone around her feeling warm and bright.

Ways of reading: Aoi, Shion, Hikaru, Midori. Literally means blue in Chinese character. Meaning: A girl with a beautiful and crystal clear heart. Or a beautiful girl, calm but with a strong will (like aquamarine stone).

  1. 陽菜

Ways of reading: Hina, Haruna, Hana, Hinata, Hinana, Hinano. This is also a name of a popular AKB48 member Kojima Haruna.” Hi” means bright, while “Na” means greens. Meaning: a girl who grows up bright, just like rapeseed blossom.

  1. 結心

Ways of reading: Izuna, Miko, Yui, Yukko, Yuna, Yuyu. This is a name that didn’t make the list last year but became popular this year. Consists of kanji “connect” and “heart”. Meaning: a girl who conveys warm feelings to other and being a kind person who can connect people with others.

  1. 桜愛

Ways of reading: Sakura, Otome, Sakuraa, Sakurana, Sara, Moa. Consists of “sakura” and “love” kanji. Meaning: a girl with who grows up like a cherry blossom tree, beautiful and loved by many people.

  1. 唯愛

Ways of reading: Ichika, Ai, Yua, Yui, Yuima, Yuuna, Yumeru. Consists of “only one” and “love” kanji. Meaning: a girl who is raised with love, mama and papa’s only one, number one girl.

  1. 向日葵

Ways of reading: Himawari, Sumire, Natari, Hibiki, Himari. Meaning: a girl like a sunflower that wont give up to the sun, a strong-willed girl who is bright and beautiful.

  1. 結月

Ways of reading: Yururu, Yutsuki. Consists of “connect” and “moon”kanji. Meaning: a girl who can connect to other person beautifully, a girl who was born under beautiful moon.



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