You might have read our top 3 Japanese celebrity moms in Instagram here, so now it’s time to pick our favourite dads!

Ebizo Ichikawa XI

The famous Kabuki, television and film actor Ebizo Ichikawa XI (39) is not shy to share his intimate moments with his daughter Reika (6) and son Kangen (3) on instagram. Although, it seems like he chose to hide his daughter’s face for privacy reason and not his son, because Kangen will  eventually become his successor in the future. Take a peek on his instagram feeds, and you’ll see how close he is to his kids, posting many pictures of them playing, eating even sleeping together despite his busy stage schedules. Ebizo Ichikawa XI is also known as a supportive husband to his wife, newscaster Mao Kobayashi who is now battling breast cancer. What a great dad. Bunkalabo is sending this family our best wishes!


Hiro Mizushima

The 32 years old actor married to popular singer Ayaka (29) in 2009 and they became parents in June 2015. Mizushima and Ayaka decided to keep their daughter face and identity private, but it’s not stopping Hiro to post some cute “daddy and daughter’s bounding time” pictures on his instagram. When their daughter was born, Mizushima posted a screaming face of him with a caption: “#aaaah #sleeeepy #itshaaaard #cuuuute #parenthood” which pretty much describe his feeling for their newborn baby. Mizushima does look like a hands-on dad. You just can tell by the way he holds and tried to feed her baby solid foods. Another cute picture is when they were on a vacation in Maldives, and Mizushima was enjoying the island by riding a mamachari with his daughter.


Atsuhiko Nakata

The member of comedy duo “Oriental Rajio” or Oriraji, Atsuhiko Nakata (34) is our favourite dad for many reasons. Married to actress Moe Fukuda in 2012, Konata or known as Acchan became a dad in 2013. But after the birth of their first daughter, Fukuda confessed on her blog that she was having stress due to her inexperience in taking care of a baby. Knowing that, Acchan said: “Parenting is not supposed to be a mother’s lonely fight,” and decided to actively participate in parenting by waking up every morning at the same time like his wife, helping feeding and playing with their daughter. Isn’t he cool? And on the other news, Acchan revealed on his instagram that his wife just gave birth to a baby boy on January 23! Congratulations!

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