Who said that being a mom makes you uncool? Well, these celebrity moms will make you think the otherwise, since they’re juggling between their career and family, making things look effortless and fun, but somehow still managed to relatable to other moms. So, here’s our pick!

Jun Hasegawa

She might look fierce and glamour in the magazine covers and commercial ads, but Jun also keeping it real, and that’s why we love her! Married to a Hawaiian businessman on 2011, the beautiful model often shares cute snaps of her two children on instagram, alongside her work portfolios and inspiring quotes. A picture of Jun holding her son on a vacation has this caption: “I look calm but I’m not. Motherhood has opened my heart so wide, love is so deep, heart so exposed, emotions so strong, so vulnerable, it hurts.” The pictures gathered more than 67k likes, with many fellow moms commented, “I feel you, Jun!”, “It’s very meaningful!”, “This bring me close to tears,” and many other sympathetic comments. (picture credit: @liveglenwood, Jun Hasegawa’s official instagram)



Previously known as a model, singer and TV personality, Rinka is now busy being the director of a lifestyle shop, Maison de Reefur, and also a creative director of Li Hua, a clothing line for modern women. As a businesswoman who tends to look cool and sharp, she often shares heartwarming post that showing off her soft, maternal side, including a picture of a cute letters written by his son to his grandparents. In an adorable black and white picture, Rinka also proudly shared her son’s milestone. “Before riding on the Jurassic Park, we had to measure our height, but my son cried and ran away. He thought he wouldn’t make it. But I tried to persuade him and yay! He made it! I will never forget his expression at that time,” she ended the post with a heart emoji. The picture gathered more than 16k likes, with comments: “Congratulation!”, “He’s getting big!”, “I really love this picture”, and many more.  (picture credit: @rinchan521, Rinka’s official instagram)


Yukina Kinoshita

As a mom of two, Yukina’s instagram feed speaks volume of her character: fun and silly with cute stickers and of course, a lot of family selfies. The model, actress and TV personality is married to Toshifumi Fujimoto, a member of comedy duo Fujiwara, and has two daughters together, Ririna and Makana.   Yukina doesn’t seem to shy to share many funny, silly, blurry and awkward pictures (which we love!), from family outings, to the scene where her husband took a bath with their eldest daughter. She once posted a picture of her sleeping daughters with a caption: “Dear God, sometimes I got frustrated with parenting, but let me thank You so much for letting me meet these two.”The pictures gathered more than 161k likers, with comments like: “How cute!”, “Children are angels.”, and “They are such a treasure!”.  (picture credit: @yuuukiiinaaa, Yukina Kinoshita’s official instagram)


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