ORICON STYLE has conducted a survey about the most popular winter songs that will warm its listener heart. The data was collected from 1,000 male and female aged 10 to 50 years old from all over Japan since January 4 to January 9. So if you feel like you need some nice playlist this snowy winter, check out the ranking below!

1. Konayuki by Remioromen

  • “I often listen to this song when I have to take an exam” (female/teens, Ehime)
  • “The gentle melody and singing voice always warm my heart.” (female/50s, Kanagawa)
  • “When you ask me about ‘winter’, then it must be this song.” (male/30s, Hyogo)


2. Fuyu ga Hajimaru yo by Noriyuki Makihara

  • “The lyrics unwind and warm me.” (female/20s, Kanagawa)
  • “It seems like a scene appear to float and warm my heart whenever I heard the lyrics.” (female/40s, Shizuoka)
  •  “Talk about a heartwarming song, then this is the best.” (male/30s, Shiga)


3. Romansu no Kamisama by Kohmi Hirose

  • “This is the first thing that comes to mind if we talk about winter.” (female/20s, Shizuoka)
  • “I listen to this at the ski resort a lot.” (male/30s, Gunma)
  • “Speaking of winter…this!” (male/40s, Okayama)



  • “When it’s cold in winter, her singing voice and warm atmosphere always make me smile.” (female/20s, Tokyo)
  • “Even in the coldest winter this song give me energy.” (female/30s, Saitama)


5. Yuki ga Futte Kita by SMAP

  • “It’s a song that describe winter’s sadness and mysterious atmosphere.” (female/teens, Saitama)
  • “Even it is cold, feels like I can enjoy the winter listening to this.” (female/40s, Tokyo)


6. Itsukano Merry Christmas by B’z

  • “I love the melancholy melody.” (female/30s, Fukuoka)
  • “The lyrics are great, and a scene that comes to mind will warm my heart.” (male/20s, Saitama)


7. Samui Yoru Dakara by TRF

  • “I’ve been playing this song for my winter since a long time ago.” (female/30s, Aichi)
  • “It feels warm especially when you listen o it on a ski slope.” (male/30s, Saitama)


8. Gerende ga Tokeru Hodo Koi Shitai by Kohmi Hirose

  • “It’s an energetic winter song.” (female/20s, Shizuoka)
  • “Both the tempo and the song melody are exciting.” (male/30s, Hyogo)


9. Yuki no Hana by Mika Nakashima

  • “The song has a strong midwinter impression.”(female/30s, Tokyo)
  • “This song always elegantly echoes in my mind.” (male/40s, Ehime)’


10. White Love by SPEED

  • “This is the first winter song that pop pup in my mind.” (female/30s, Toyama)
  • “It reminds me of my old days and warm my heart.” (female/40s, Tokyo)

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