December is no doubt the busiest month of the year for many Japanese. It’s Christmas, oosouji (big cleaning or decluttering) season and of course there are some bonenkai schedules to attend.  Bonenkai (literally means “forget-the-year party”) is a Japanese drinking party which held among group of co-workers and friends with the purpose to forget the troubles of the past year and look forward to success in the next year. And what’s a party without karaoke? So here’s ORICON STYLE’s top 10 karaoke songs for bonenkai 2016. The songs are especially selected as popular choice due to their furitsuke or choreography which can make the bonenkai’s atmosphere more lively and entertaining.

  1. Memeshikute – Golden Bomber (2009)

Memeshikute (means ‘being feminine’), is a song about an unmanly guy who only wants to be loved but get dumped. The song is super catchy, with a vivacious and funny furitsuke that made the song goes viral and became Golden Bomber’s most famous song up until today.

  1. Koi Suru Fortune Cookies – AKB48 (2013)

The 32nd single by AKB48, the song’s cute yet simple furitsuke was created by popular dancer/choreographer Papaya Suzuki, and involved 3,800 extras. The song became so popular with many people also posted their dance cover online, and its music video reached 100 million views on YouTube on mid 2016.

  1. Love Machine – Morning Musume (1999)

Oldie but goldie, Love Machine is Morning Musume highest selling single, which sold a total of 1,646,630 copies. The furitsuke might look a little weird and awkward at first, but it’s actually pretty sexy and cute at the same time.

  1. Heavy Rotation – AKB48 (2010)

Another song from AKB48, Heavy Rotation has some cute and lively dance moves or furitsuke that will turn up any party. The promotional video for this song was directed by famous photographer and movie producer Mika Ninagawa.

  1. ARASHI – Arashi (1999)

ARASHI, meaning storm is Arashi’s self-titled debut song, and also their most popular song and was used as the theme song for the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup hosted by Japan in 1999. With its popular chorus, “You are my soul! Soul!”, the songs has cool dance moves that won many fans heart.

  1. UFO – Pink Lady (1977)

This single spent ten weeks at the top of the Japanese singles chart and also featured on the video game Just Dance Wii. You might find the furitsuke a little complex, but they are very fun to do and match the up beat song.

  1. Choo Choo TRAIN – EXILE (2003)

Choo Choo Train has some trendy and fun hip-hop moves that even popular with young children. This will make a great bonenkai song, especially when you dance it in a group. The more the merrier! The song was also added to Dance Dance Revolutioin in 2013.

  1. Joyful – Ikimonogakari (2009)

The song Joyful is included on Ikimonogakari 15 single, Yell/Joyful, and became a track that always liven up their live performance, due to the energetic music and dance moves.

  1. Seishun Amigo – Shuuji to Akira (2005)

Seishun Amigo is best selling single of 2005 and spent a total of sixty-five weeks on the Oricon Chart. The song has catchy dance scene by Shuuji and Akira (temporary unit of Kazuya Kamenashi and Tomohisa Yamashita), who danced alongside Johnny’s juniors.

  1. Matsuken Samba – Ken Matsudaira (1994)

The song will definitely brighten up the party, especially if performed just like Ken Matsudaira, by wearing florid golden kimono and surrounded by many male and female back up dancers (also in kimono or Edo period costumes) who dance and sway on samba steps and moves.



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