ORICON STYLE has conducted a survey to determine the popularity of Japanese actresses in  2016. The data collected from 1,000 people from all over Japan last October, and here’s the result.


  1. Mitsuki Takahata

“She’s cute and good at singing too. Elegant with good acting skill.” (Shimane/20s female)

“She’s everywhere, in dorama and commercials. There is no day where I don’t see her at all.” (Fukui/30s male)

  1. Haru

“She was really good in ‘Sekaiichi Muzukashii Koi’. (Osaka/20s female)

“I’m fascinated by her lively acting skill. I think she’s already recognized as a wide range actress.” (Tokyo/50s male)

  1. Suzu Hirose

“She challenges many roles, and each one is impressive.” (Shizuoka/20s female)

“I think I see her everyday because she has wide variety of activities on media.” (Fukui/40s male)

  1. Tao Tsuchiya

“She’s cute in a simple way, and always do her best effort in everything.” (Nagano/ 10s female)

“I like her more after watching All Star Thanksgiving (note: she ran in a marathon on that tv programme).” (Kanagawa/30s female)

  1. Fumi Nikaido

“She’s very popular in dorama and movies.” (Hyogo/teen female)

“Not only an actress, but she’s also appearing in variety show.” (Hiroshima/40s female)

  1. Mayu Matsuoka

“I was drawn by her natural acting skill while watching her drama.” (Gifu/30s female)

“Her acting in ‘Chihayafuru’ is superb”. (Miyagi/ 40s male)

  1. Fumika Shimizu

“She’s cute and lively.” (Fukuoka/30s female)

“She has attractive personality and steadily performs wide range of work.” (Hyogo/40s male)

  1. Riho Yoshioka

“She was really good in ‘Yutori desu ga Nani ga’.” (Tokyo/teens female)

“Because she continues to appear in dorama after that Zexy commercial.” (Hyogo/40s female)

  1. Mone Kamishiraishi

“She becomes really popular after ‘Kimi no Na ha’.” (Kanagawa/30s female)

“Not only as an actress, but she has stepped up as a voice actress.” (Aichi/50s female)

  1. Rina Kawaei

“Her acting in ‘Toto Neechan’ was really great”. (Saitama/50s female)

“From an idol she’s turning into an actress at once.” (Gifu/30s male)


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