How do you like to start your morning? Many Japanese get their daily dose of morning energy by watching morning news/show program delivered by their favorite newscaster. Therefore, ORICON NEWS has made a new survey to determine people’s favorite’s “Morning Face”, which make them think that “My day is not started yet if I haven’t see his/her face!” The data was collected from 1,000 respondents aged teens to 50s, this April 2017.

Do you love to watch Japan’s morning news as well? Check out the result below!


1. Taichi Masu
“He has the image of refreshing morning.” (female, teen/Aichi)
“He has zero sense of intimidation and stress.” (female, 30s/Tokyo)
“His language and word choices are always polite and likeable.” (male, 30s/Fukui)
Note: Masu-san also topped the ranking last year, congratulation!


2. Yoshihiko Inhohara (V6)
“He has such friendly smile and make me feeling gentle every morning.” (female, teen/Mie)
“His smile is so lovely I feel like being healed since morning.” (female, 20s/Kanagawa)
“He impressed me as a friendly, fresh face in the morning.” (male, 20s/Tokyo)


3. Yumiko Udo
“Always excited to watch her comments on asadora. I want to see it every morning.” (female, teen/Kyoto)
“She has this sense of familiarity and watching her will give you a piece of mind.” (female, 30s/Tokyo)
“She has the capability, stable, and everyone’s favourite.” (male, 30s/Osaka)


4. Shinichi Hatori
“He’s easy to understand, and not intrusive.” (female, 20s/Kanagawa)
“He has a good communication style with the comentators in the show.” (female, 50s/Hyogo)

5. Masaharu Miyake
“He has an easy-listening and lively voice, perfect for morning news.” (female, 20s/Kanagawa)
“I’m healed just by seeing his smile.” (female, 50s/Osaka)

6th to 10th ranks are: Miku Natsume, Koo Takase, Mayuko Wakuda, Shinichi Karube, and Yumi Nagashima.

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