Another survey has conducted by ORICON STYLE to survey the most popular male celebrities who seems to be a good love consultant. The data collected from 400 female respondents age teens to 40s, from January 30 to February 5, and here’s the TOP 5 result!


Matsuko Deluxe
“If I’m being confused and indesicive, Matsuko will help me to cut it off.” (teen, Tokyo)
“Matsuko seems to understand the feelings of both men and women.” (20s, Tokyo)
“Even though Matsuko has a sharp tounge, I think Matsuko is actually really gentle to amateurs.” (50s, Iwate)


Masahiroi Nakai
“I think he cares and understand people’s feelings more than anyone else.” (20s, Gifu)
“When I watched his talk with Becky on Kinsuma, not only my love problems, but I want to consult everything with Nakai-san.” (40s, Tokyo)
“He won’t give you any thoughtless advices, but he’ll see your problem from a bird-eye view and give you a calming advice.” (50s, Tokyo)


Sho Sakurai
“He seems like a type who can find the fundamental problems.” (teen, Okayama)
“When I watched his interview on NEWS ZERO, I can see that he’s a good listener.” (20s, Osaka)
“Seems like he will listen to my problem properly and give me a well balanced advice.” (50s, Gifu)


Masaki Aiba
“He has a ‘love consultation’ corner on his radio show, where he always giving friendly advice.” (teen, Tokyo)
“Seems like he can convert my trouble feelings into something positives.” (20s, Osaka)
“He seems like always close and friendly to other people.” (40s, Kagawa)


Jun Matsumoto
“He has sharp opinions and seems like can see things from different angles.” (teen, Yamagata)
“He seems like know many things really well and can give accurate advices.” (20s, Kagawa)
“I seriously think that he understand’s woman’s position and point of views.” (50s, Tokyo)

The 6th to 10th ranks are: Masaharu Fukuyama, Goro Inagaki, Sanma Akashiya, and Kazunari Ninomiya.

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