Are you looking for a playdate venue? If you live in or near Koto Ward, we recommend you to visit Organic Cafe Lulu. This cafe opens from Monday to Saturday, and it operates from 11am to 7pm. Cafe Lulu is attached to International School, Learning Tree. This cafe provides a bright and playful environment for children. Offering wide spaces for children to play and explore the latest toys and books, this cafe is a perfect place for you to plan a playdate with your kids’ best friends.


They have heaps of foreign books which are very helpful for mothers who are not familiar with Japanese writing characters. To date-Organic Cafe Lulu has more than 500 books (English and Japanese books).  The floors are covered with artificial grass so you can feel at ease of letting your kids play and crawl freely. Of course, all guests have to take off their shoes so make sure your socks have no toe holes!  😆  The cafe promotes communication between parents, children, and friends through good food, books and play. However, your child is not allowed to play video games in this cafe.

The food are all organic, egg-free and dairy-free. Organic Cafe Lulu is a very friendly to vegetarian and vegan. They have special plate for vegan customers. As the menu changes from day to day please inform the staff in advance if you and your child have any allergies.

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Nearest access: Five minutes on foot from Tozai line, Kiba Station


Thank you Organic Cafe Lulu for providing this information.

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