Japanese Plum blossoms are often associated as with the start of the spring. They are often mistaken by the foreigners as sakura flowers. Unlike sakura flowers, Japanese plum blossoms or more famous as ume, will bloom earlier-usually around February and March. Ume don’t have any split at the end of the petals. In addition to this, Ume has shorter stems and sometimes none because they sprout on the branches. Ume also has stronger and sweeter fragrance.

Most ume matsuri (Plum blossoms festival) take place in early February. One of the most famous festivals in Kanagawa area is Odawara Plum Festival. It is also picked as one of the top ume viewing spots in Japan.  This festival offers the perfect combination of Ume Landscape and the view of Mount Fuji. You can also enjoy various food stalls such as taiyaki, takoyaki and grilled seafood. You can have a great picnic while enjoying the scenery of ume flowers. You can also rent a mat for 50 yen/day. Isn’t it great?

This festival is situated around 15 minutes on foot from JR Shimo-soga station. The festival will end at March 5th- so make sure you won’t miss this opportunity!

Enjoy Japan!


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