The 65th NHK Taiga series, Onna Joshu Naotara has started airing since January 8th 2017. Yesterday, it was revealed that the dorama got 16,9% rating (Kanto area) and 17,3% (Kansai area). It’s a little lower than the previous dorama, Sanada Maru, which drew 19,9% rating for its first episode.


Onna Joshu Naotara, starring Kou Shibasaki is a story of Naotara Ii (Shibasaki), the only daughter of the Totomi region lord who eventually becomes a lord because there were no more male successor due to the wars. Naotara faces a difficult period, but the constant love from her fiancé, whom she became engaged at a young age helps her to keep moving forward (plot source). Also starring in this dorama are ikemen actors Haruma Miura as Naochika Ii, Naotara’s fiancé and Issei Takahashi as Masatsugu Ono, their childhood friend.

If you want to learn more about Sengoku period and Japan history, it’s a good idea to watch this Taiga dorama. You can catch it every Sunday in NHK at 8 PM. Happy watching!

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