Tokyo Tarareba Musume is currently airing on NTV since last Wednesday. Its first episode succesfully gained smooth start with 13,8% viewers rating and became hot talk on twitter. Based on popular manga by Akiko Higashimura, this dorama is about three 30 years old Rinko Kamata (Yuriko Yoshitaka), Kaori Yamakawa (Nana Eikura), and Koyuki Torii (Yuko Oshima) who are struggling to find love while working hard in the heart of Tokyo city. While complaining about their life and go through the “tarareba” (“what if) scenarios, they encountered KEY (Kentaro Sakaguchi), a blonde model who told them that they’re not “girls” anymore. What would they do?

Check out some of netizens reactions on this comedy dorama!

“Tokyo Tarareba Musume is really interesting! I’ve read the manga before, but NTV is really good at making manga dorama!”

“The thunders, the snowstorms and the arrows (note: special effects on the dorama) are super cool!”

“The drama’s tempo is great, it’s so much fun to watch.”

“Was told by my parents that this dorama will be my future…”

“This dorama resembles my life.. yabai!”

“It’s funny but the three actresses are too cute, I couldn’t get the ‘thirtysomething’ atmosphere…”

“KEY is the perfect role for Kentaro Sakaguchi. He looks so handsome.”


Don’t forget to watch Tokyo Tarareba Musume on NTV every Wednesday at 10 PM.

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