Popular band Ikimonogakari has announced their indefinite hiatus on January 5th, 2017. This announcement has shocked many of their fans, especially since they just celebrated their 10th years anniversary last year. The members (Kiyoe Yoshioka, Yoshiki Mizuno, and Hotaka Yamashita) also decided to pursue their own possibilities for a fresh start on their own, aka going solo. How the netizens reacted to this news?

“I’m shocked! They’re good at singing and I quite like them.”

“Their songs became too ‘safe’ lately, so maybe they want to make another kind of music that they like.”

“It must be very hard to sing youth songs forever. So I think it’s great to take a rest and restart again one day.”

“So that’s why the vocalist cried at their Kouhaku performance. I was curious at that time…”

“Recently there are a lot of musicians who take hiatus, right? Superfly also has stopped their activities because of their vocalist’s throat problem..”

“This announcement came after SMAP’s disbandment. So no one’s surprised.”

“I’m quite surprised that the vocalist is 32 years old. I thought that she’s around 25 or something…”

“Recently I watched the guitarist, Mizuno-san performed with Oda Kazumasa-san in ‘Christmas no Yakusoku.’ He’s really good at singing, I hope he’ll be a solo musician.”

“They’re still young, so it’s best to do whatever they want!”

“Ten years is a long time, thank you so much for your hard work! You’ve come a long way, so please take your time. I’m looking forward for your return!”


(source: girlschannel.net & officiallyjd.com. Image credit: ticket.st)

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