Planning to have a playdate with other mamas?

If you live in or near Yokohama area, you can visit Mama’s Cafe CotLon in Ofuna. The cafe is situated within six-minutes walking distance from the Ofuna Station. Even though this cafe is relatively small but it is very cozy. Visitors are allowed to bring their own lunch box and baby food. The cafe offers various foreign books and handmade toys. The floor is so baby friendly so your baby can crawl freely while you talk or enjoy yourself in the massage chair. The owner is very sweet and friendly. In addition, she speaks fluent English and very helpful. Male visitors are not allowed to come so you can breastfeed your baby freely. The cafe also provides baby diapers changing table so you can feel at ease.

It is a great indoor play space for rainy days and chilly days!




For more information, visit their homepage

and their youtube video  below,


Hope this helps!

Enjoy your stay in Japan!

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