Making Money Online Before Visiting Japan or While Living In Japan

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Japan has something amazing to offer every traveller, either the city, technology, people, culture, foods and shocking trendy fashion style. We believe, people eager to visit Japan every year even month. From celebrities, singer, or just like us a long long time ago .. deeply want to visit Japan and explore the beauty. But the Japan trip is not quite cheap, even we’re trying to make it so.. and believe us, a week in Japan will be not ENOUGH! So many excitement to explore.

Tokyo has extensive and extremely sophisticated train and subway networks. You will see two subway systems, Tokyo Metro and Toei. While for the city itself, you will find Japan Railways (JR) and the rest by Keio, and Odakyu. Using this train networks, you can visit Japan easily, they’re quite faster on delivering the service. The cheapest ticket are available from 130 – 180 yen, depend on the rail company and the range. We suggest you to buy an electronic Pasmo or Suica Pass (500 yen deposit required), which can be precharged with multiples of 1,000 yen.

We don’t recommend you to use Tokyo’s Bus Network, but Taxis can be useful. Taxis start from 660 – 740 yen for the first two kilometers and 80 yen for each subsequent 275 metres, so it will be metered transportation in Japan.

Now you can get the bigger picture for the transportation cost, so the question is “How much money must i bring to visit Japan?”

Meiji Jingu Japan

Ok, what city, prefectures will you visit on your Japan Trip? Here we are, showing you the list :

  • Tokyo (Akihabara, Meguro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, etc)
  • Kamakura & Yokohama
  • Yokohama & Hakone and Mount Fuji Area
  • Nikko & Kyoto
  • Nara
  • Osaka and Kansai
  • Honshu & Shikoku
  • Kyushu & Sapporo
  • Hokkaido & Okinawa
  • See.. We even did not mention the beautiful places inside of them (For example Tokyo Disneyland, Pokemon Center!)

Can you imagine how much money that you must prepare? From flight, accomodation, food, drinks, gift, shopping? Trust us again, you will shop till drop when you’re visiting Japan. So, we will give you a solution, how to make money online and prepare your Japan trip with more fun and the pocket is FULL!

Disclaimer :

This is not a quick money schema, you need to make it work. And if you’re persistent, not only you can visit Japan, bring your family .. but for you who’s already living in Japan, you can make this method to support your FINANCIAL for a long term.

How To Make Money Online Before Visiting Japan or While Living In Japan

First, thank you to internet.. We can work from anywhere, countries. As long as you have the internet connection, laptop or computer and persistence than you can do it!

Ok, now what’s the real deal, how can you do it?.. We’re introducing you the Proven Method, How to Make Money Online from anywhere for Free or using Premium Method. It’s not an online survey, MLM, money game or any. But you will learn how to make your online business for real. This system has a LARGE COMMUNITY, yes all around the world, ready to support you and answers all of your questions. They will teach you the exact method, how to start your online business or making money online for the newbie.

Why Do You Must Take This?

This method has bring SO MANY Successful Entrepreneurs, beside that :

Success Story of Making Money Online

  • Fire OKYou don’t know what is internet marketing? fine, they will teach you
  • Fire OKYou’re not a techie guy/woman.. fine, as long as you can understand English, follow the step by step method then you can do it
  • Fire OKYou must have internet connection
  • Fire OKYou must have computer, laptop. If you only have smartphone, well it will depend on your efforts.
  • Fire OKYou can start it for FREE (the whole life) or if you want to go faster, then you must prepare a monthly investment.
  • Fire OKYou can work for it anytime, for an hour, 2 hours, 3 hours .. completely depend on your available time

Ok, What Now?

  • Fire OKTired or need extra cash while you’re living in Japan? This is One of Your Ultimate Solutions!
  • Fire OKVisit Japan with more cash, more fun and happiness!
  • Fire OKHow big is your dream? Ask this and Take Action!
  • Fire OKHow much money do you want to generate?


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