I am in Japan for almost two and half years. And I am already in love with Japan, its people and culture. When I came to Japan, I was worried about new culture, place, life style and people. Now I live in Kawasaki, back then I was in Tokyo. At the very beginning, it was like melancholy. Lots of people around me but I was feeling alone. Life was very difficult as I don’t know Japanese.  Suddenly I found out that Japanese people are tremendously helpful. If you ask for, they will try to help you in every possible way. I was amazed with their behavior. Their respect for other people is just awesome. Japan is a country full of good people.

I was becoming familiar with Japanese culture, lifestyle. And life becomes easier as usual, I was starting to send my weekend visiting different places and my loneliness had gone. This was only possible because transportation in Japan is very convenient and safe. Japan has the first class train communication in the world.

At the first time, it was very difficult to buy daily livings as everything is written in Japanese. Thanks to Google which was only savior back then. Day by day it becomes easier. And the most important was convenient store which are open 24/7. Convenient stores are almost everywhere in Japan which means it also convenient in terms of distance from your home. They truly are convenient for daily life.

According to me Japan is the most secure and safe country in the world. In many countries, social securities are very low, even its very difficult to walk alone at night. After coming to Japan those insecurities left me.

Festive Japan which I like most. Japan has many cultural activities and holidays. I love to attend those with my family. Seems my family is very happy now.

Long story short, life in Japan is very easy, healthy and full of fun. I just love this country.

(Sarwar H. Khan)

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