Looking to get away this golden week but not sure where to go? Let’s head to Legoland Japan. Opened in April 2017, this outdoor theme park offers visitors with many exciting attractions.  It is located in Nagoya area, only couple hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo area. The theme park itself is not so big so you can try many attractions and explore the whole area within one day. The park features seven different areas with different themes. If you are really addicted with the blocks and all of those tiny creatures, beware of overshopping! There are many bricks you or your kids may want to bring home.

The park offers various attractions for the whole family. There are some attractions that require the parents and kids to work together such as Rescue Academy and Splash Battle. The park also offers experience for kids to learn how to drive a car and get their first driver’s license in the Junior Driving School and Driving School. For smaller kids, they can enjoy Duplo land and build tens of thousands of Duplo bricks.

What makes Legoland Japan special is its Miniland. You can see the scenery and cityscapes of 10 spots chosen from all over Japan. The visitors can enjoy all the famous spots in Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido and other places within one day. Compare to other bigger theme parks, the entrance ticket is relatively expensive. The ticket price to enter Legoland Japan is JPY 6900 for an adult and JPY 5300 for a child. Visitors are not allowed to bring their own drinks and foods. But don’t worry, the foods inside the park are relatively affordable. As the park is quite small, you can consider of having late lunch in the evening. There are many restaurants that you can enjoy in the outer area. The Legoland Japan is situated very close to the Maker’s Pier- an open air shopping center with a lot of gourmet eateries and unique shops. After exploring the park, it is a good idea to rest your feet and treat your belly in one of those good restaurants in Maker’s Pier.

Hope this helps! Enjoy Japan!

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