Upcoming movie “Kimi no Suizō wo Tabetai” (literally means: “I want to eat your pancreas”) short trailer has been released. The movie, which will be released in July 28, starring young actress Manami Hamabe, Dish member Takumi Kitamura, Shun Oguri and Keiko Kitagawa. The 30 seconds trailer shows a gentle, yet painful worldview of the movie.

Based on a best selling novel by Toru Sumino, “Kimi no Suizō wo Tabetai” is a sad love story with a deep and meaningful title. Shun Oguri, plays as a teacher at the same high school where he was graduated from. He remembers when he was a student, he accidentally found the diary of his classmate, Sakura Yamaguchi (Manami Hamabe), that reveals she’s suffering from a pancreatic disease and going to die. As he talks to his students, he then remember the moment he had spent with Sakura before his death. His young character will be played by Takumi Kitamura, and Keiko Kitagawa will be played as Kyoko, Sakura’s friend in the past.

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