Young actor Kentaro Sakaguchi’s star is rising fast. The 25 years old who debuted as model won 40th Japan Academy Prize this year as Newcomer of the year. After starring in last year NHK’s asadora Toto Neechan, he’s now the leading male star on NTV’s winter dorama Tokyo Tarareba Musume. Let’s find out more about Sakaguchi!

He used to be a gloomy person. The Tokyo born actor used to think that meeting people is a hassle for him. “I used to be a nerd, if there’s nothing important, I’d rather to go home and spending my time alone by watching movie or reading a book. But now I feel myself have changed.. Like when I ate out with some friends, I felt happy and moved. Now I think such moments are precious, really.”

He’s  what you call “shiogao danshi”. Shiogao danshi (塩顔男子), or “salt-faced male”, is a term for a male with light features which making them look attractive. Some of characteristic of a shiogao danshi are: beautiful face line, fair white skin, and sharp narrow eyes which turn into lines when they smile or laughs.  Shiogao danshi also tend to look pale and look good in sweater and glasses. Kentaro Sakaguchi, without no doubt is now one of the most popular shiogao danshi in Japan.

He has a type. When he had to choose between a “history-nerd girl” or “healthy-oriented girl” on Elle Japan, Sakaguchi said: “I love history, so I’ll fall for a girl who’s into history too..  But having a healthy-oriented girlfriend is great too, because she’ll inspire me to do the same.” Sakaguchi also confessed that he’s a slob, so he needs a girl who can forgive him for that. In general, a person who’s comfortable to be around with is his ideal type.

His passion for cinema is strong. Veteran actress Mini Nakatani who worked together with Sakaguchi in special dorama “Mohouhan” once revealed the actor’s passion for movie. “When I heard that he’s an annual member of a movie theatre and goes to the cinema a lot, I was surprised. I never thought that there’s a young actor who has passion for cinema like that.”

He kinda look like K-Pop star. Last year, some entertainment sites made a headline of the similarities between Sakaguchi and Seo Kang Joon, a South Korean actor an singer. The actor also has rapidly gained popularity himself in Korea for his charming look. And now, Japanese netizen was surprised with his blonde hair on Tokyo Tarareba Musume and many of them commented: “With that looks, his K-Pop star aura is amazing!”

Watch Kentaro Sakaguchi as “KEY” in Tokyo Tarareba Musume (NTV, every Wednesday at 10 PM) and follow his official instagram below!

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