Karaoke is a widely popular choice of entertainment in Japan. And not only for leisure, karaoke also has social function in the Japanese society, as many people choose karaoke room to socialize with friends and co-workers. Are you new to this kind of popular culture? Here’s how to behave well on a karaoke party while still having fun!

  • Don’t monopolize the microphone. Make sure that everyone has equal chance to access the remote control and choose songs that they like. It’s always a good idea to establish a rule before the karaoke party begins.
  • Choose a song that everyone will enjoy. Karaoke is supposed to be a fun time. So for example, instead of showing off your vocal skill by singing an unpopular ballad (that no one ever heard before), it’s a better option to sing another popular up-beat song that will delight everyone’s ears.
  • Do not shy. Singing is about releasing some of your emotion. So don’t hold back. It’s time to let loose for a while. You can prepare a list of your favorite or popular songs, and also their furitsuke or special choreography. It will surely liven up the party mood!
  • Avoid criticism, good vibes only. Some people can be very sensitive when make a comment on their singing style. And it’s a karaoke party after all! You can’t expect your friends (and yourself) to sing like a diva, so avoid giving negative comments on their song choices, favorite singers, and even their singing skills. Just be nice and applause them.
  • Get in to the party. Nothing is worse than someone who looks bored, disinterested, and unenthusiastic on a karaoke party. Another example is when someone won’t sing and dance, but attend the party just to eat the snacks and play with their phone. In Japan, they call this act as nori ga warui or simply a party pooper. It’s time to get in to the groove. Respect and appreciate others effort by enjoying the music, and singing your heart away!     



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