Have you ever seen this vegetable at your nearby Japanese supermarket?

Ninniku no me or Garlic Scapes are very affordable, you can get buy a bunch of it with your 100 yen coin.

This long and green vegetable offers many benefits such as follows,

a. They might improve oxygen levels within the blood.

b. They could protect against osteoarthritis

c. They are high in antioxidants

d. They may have anti-cancer properties

e. They can protect the liver and kidney against oxidative stress


Isn’t that cool?

Look what 100 yen vegetables can do to your health!

From now on, let’s add Ninniku no Me into Your Diet!


Don’t know what to do with the garlic scapes? find the idea here 

We will add more information related to vegetables that you can find in Japanese supermarket, follow us for more updates.

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