Some celebrities love to cook, even more than we do! So anytime you need some food inspirations (and motivations as well), just check out this mouth watering meals cooked and prepared by some of Japanese celebrities on instagram. Don’t forget to click the follow button!

Rola. The model and talento is passionate about food, she even made an official account dedicated for her cooking. That’s not surprising though, since she also has a healthy recipe book on sale: Rola’s Kitchen.


Fumino Kimura. Her love for food runs deep, and she’s well known for consistently posting her everyday homemade cook on instagram. Kimura seems to love washoku or Japanese style food. Her meals characteristic are simple and served with many cute tablewares.

*** 昨日の夜ごはん。 手羽大根作りました。 久々だからか手羽がシャイに なってしまったみたいで どこいった状態です。笑 ほうれん草としらすの さっぱり和えとめかぶ。 最近めかぶブーム。 豚汁は安定のネギだくで 雑穀米と一緒に。 メインとめかぶの #斎藤知 さんのうつわ やっぱり好きだなぁ。 #今日のお箸 は お祝いですと、なんと、 菜々緒さんからいただいたもの! 嬉しいから今日の朝も使ったんだ。 #今日のお箸置きは こちらも頂きものの 亀は万年縁起もの。 #ふみ飯

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Kou Shibasaki. The popular actress who’s currently starring on taiga dorama loves to share her homemade food with hashtag #こうつくる (made by Kou) and even share a glimpse of her neat fridge situation.


Rinka. The Hawaiian-living model and designer Rinka sometimes shares her homemade cook on instagram, even though not as often as Rola or Kimura, but we can see that she makes Japanese style bento for her son, or making sui-gyoza (boiled gyoza dumpling) for dinner.


Makiko Takizawa. The VERY magazine model loves to post some simple but healthy bento that looks delicious as well! Check out her instagram for your everyday bento inspirations.


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