Everybody needs some good music, even on chilly, snowy winter. Warm yourself up this season by listening to Bunkalabo’s favorite winter and Christmas soundtracks.


Christmas Eve (Tatsuro Yamashita, 1983)


Christmas Eve is a classic and famous song for Christmas season in Japan. The song appeared on Tatsuro Yamashita’s Melodies album and became a hit throughout the decades, known by the elderly and also young generations. Christmas Eve was reissued as a CD single in 1986, appeared on JR commercials and sold more than 1.8 million copies in total.

Lyrics: Mada kienokoru, kimi e no omoi. Yoru e to furitsuzuku. Machikado ni wa kurisumasu turii, gin-iro no kirameki. Silent night, holy night. (My feelings for you are still burning. And it keeps snowing into the night. The Christmas trees on the street corner are sparkling in silver color. Silent night, holy night.)

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Shiroi Koibitotachi (Keisuke Kawata, 2001)


Another popular Christmas soundtrack in Japan, Shiroi Koibitotachi (literally means ‘white lovers’), is a sad and meaningful love song by Keisuke Kuwata, also known as the charismatic lead vocalist of popular group Sothern All Stars. Shiroi Koibitotachi was the theme song of Coca-Cola’s 2001 winter commercial campaign.

Lyrics: Koyoi namida koraete kanaderu ai no serenade. Ima mo wasurenai koi no uta. Yuki yo mou ichido dake kono tokimeki wo celebrate. Hitori naki nureta yoru ni, white Love. (Tonight I will sing a tearful love serenade. It’s a love song that I still haven’t forgotten. Hey snow, let me celebrate my love once more. With this lonely tears tonight, white love.)

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My Gift to You (Chemistry, 2002)


Released on winter 2002, the song is Chemistry’s soundtrack for winter, as Kawabata Kaname once said, “If you talk about our winter song, then it means this song.” My Gift to You is a sweet with beautiful harmony and message that will melt your heart. The song was included in their Second to None album, and was also set as a ringtone for cell phone au A5302CA, making it the world’s first ringtone ever.

Lyrics: Ite tsuiteru chiisana te wo, nigirishimeru koto shika, boku ni wa ataerareru mono wa nai keredo. Itsu mademo itsu made mo soba ni ite ageyou. Sore ga kimi e no boku no okurimono. (All I Can do for you is to grip your little, frozen hand. But I’ll be by your side forever and forever. That is my gift to you.)

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Can’t Wait ‘Til Christmas (Hikaru Utada, 2010)


A ballad song by Hikaru Utada, Can’t Wait ‘Til Christmas was used in an advertising commercial campaign for Pepsi Nex on winter 2010. With a simple yet mellow arrangement, the song describes a feeling of a lover who wants to be near her/his lover on Christmas Eve and to just cherish their time together instead of thinking about tomorrow.

Lyrics: Kurisumasu made matasenaide. Hito wa naze ashita wo oikakeru? Taisetsu na hito wo taisetsu ni suru, sore dake de ii n desu. I’m already ah loving you. (Don’t make me wait ‘til Christmas. Why do people chase after tomorrow? Treasure those who are important to you. That’s all we need. I’m already loving you.”)

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Fuyu ga Owaru Mae ni (Shota Shimizu, 2011)


Fuyu ga Owaru Mae, or “Before the End of Winter”, is a 2011 winter ballad by the talented singer songwriter Shota Shimizu. It is a sparkly, sweet love song that conveys the feelings of a person who can’t see their loved one during winter season.

Lyrics: Sekaijuu no dare yori kimi ni aitai. Demo tooku hanareteru sabishisa, kono yuki no you ni, kimi wo omou yo. (I want to meet you more than anyone else in this world. But we are too far away, and it’s lonely. All I can do now is to think of you in this snow.”)

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