A tatami (畳) is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms. You may have at least one tatami room (washitsu) in your apartment or house. When you move to your apartment or house, your housing agency or the house owner may not tell you about the dos and don’ts of tatami room.  But they will definitely charge you if you damage the tatami mats.

Here are some facts about tatami room that you may need to know.

  1. Sunlight will change the surface color from green to yellow. It is natural and don’t be panic if you notice that your tatami mat change its color.
  2. Do not place heavy objects on top of tatami because this will damage your tatami mats.
  3. Always wipe your tatami with slightly damp clothes or special cleaning sheets everyday.
  4. Do not pour water or use heavily wet clothes to clean tatami.
  5. Do not wear shoes or slippers on tatami.
  6. Do not iron your clothes directly on tatami.
  7. Vacuum frequently to keep mites under control. Use the weak (弱い) button when vacuuming.

You can use the following products to clean your tatami.

1.Tatami Cleaning Sheets (畳掃除シート), you can buy it online by clicking the picture below


2.  Tatami DIY Cleaning Spray

Mix up vinegar and water (1 :2) and put in bottle spray. You can use your DIY cleaning spray to clean your tatami room.

3. Tatami Cleaning Detergent

Hope this helps!

Enjoy your stay in Japan!

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